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I've been thinking (and drinking), and my conclusion follows, thus:

The difference between Republicans and Democrats is: If all the Republicans died tomorrow, no one would miss them. But if all the Democrats died tomorrow, no one would notice.
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The Book of Eli is a competent post-apocalyptic MacGuffin-driven B-movie with excellent Denzel-Fu, ambiguous supernaturalism, and non-ambiguous poetic justice. And a really nice shout-out to Fahrenheit 451.

Read the spoiler... )

In other news, this weekend the Sturdy Helpmeet™ and I finally saw Jonathan Coulton in concert, along with Paul & Storm. I don't know why, but I was slightly surprised by the amount of star-power projected by JoCo. At first he was all scruffy self-deprecating sarcasm and irony, then he launched into "Betty & Me," and it was like somebody flipped a switch and turned on the lights.

We also cleaned, defrosted, and sanitized the fridge. Technically we just finished this process, begun a week before, because after the initial cleaning a water leak developed that turned out to be caused by a lake of ice coating the bottom of the freezer.

(Hey, this blogging shit is thrill-a-minute, ain't it?)

And I disassembled the center console and dashboard of my car in order to activate the keyless entry code on my replacement Honda key fob -- which isn't normally required, but may be necessary if you've installed an after-market radio while keeping the original factory unit squeezed into a hidden hollow 'way behind the dash in order to keep your keyless-entry thingy working.

In further news, Sarah Palin and the Tea Baggers (sounds like a burlesque review that might play the O'Farrell Theater on Tuesdays) remain the kind of consummate douche-bags that make other douche-bags obsessed with racial and religious purity look clever and erudite by comparison.

Sleep tight, folks.
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From the ongoing DDoS attack on human civilization that is the GOP and FOX News, I keep hearing that any attempt to investigate acts of torture or policies of torture during the Late Ongoing Unpleasantness would be "politically motivated" and thus somehow unwarranted.

Wanting to preserve rule of law and the Constitution is, I would think, a political motivation.

Wanting to restore the nation's reputation is, I would think, a political motivation.

Wanting to foster some degree of optimism among the general public that the high and mighty are not permanently immune from the consequences of their actions is, I would think, a political motivation.

Wouldn't it be nice if American had a political party that possessed a political motivation?

And a spine?


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