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The Book of Eli is a competent post-apocalyptic MacGuffin-driven B-movie with excellent Denzel-Fu, ambiguous supernaturalism, and non-ambiguous poetic justice. And a really nice shout-out to Fahrenheit 451.

Read the spoiler... )

In other news, this weekend the Sturdy Helpmeet™ and I finally saw Jonathan Coulton in concert, along with Paul & Storm. I don't know why, but I was slightly surprised by the amount of star-power projected by JoCo. At first he was all scruffy self-deprecating sarcasm and irony, then he launched into "Betty & Me," and it was like somebody flipped a switch and turned on the lights.

We also cleaned, defrosted, and sanitized the fridge. Technically we just finished this process, begun a week before, because after the initial cleaning a water leak developed that turned out to be caused by a lake of ice coating the bottom of the freezer.

(Hey, this blogging shit is thrill-a-minute, ain't it?)

And I disassembled the center console and dashboard of my car in order to activate the keyless entry code on my replacement Honda key fob -- which isn't normally required, but may be necessary if you've installed an after-market radio while keeping the original factory unit squeezed into a hidden hollow 'way behind the dash in order to keep your keyless-entry thingy working.

In further news, Sarah Palin and the Tea Baggers (sounds like a burlesque review that might play the O'Farrell Theater on Tuesdays) remain the kind of consummate douche-bags that make other douche-bags obsessed with racial and religious purity look clever and erudite by comparison.

Sleep tight, folks.


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