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Sturdy Helpmeet™: So I told [coworker] that you're going to see Asia this weekend at the Paramount.

Your Hero® (wincing): Yeah?

Sturdy Helpmeet: He wants to know if you'll be growing a mullet for the occasion.

Your Hero: Hmm. Skynyrd mullet or Brit-pop mullet?


Technically Your Hero should have seen Asia in 1982 or 1983, when he was 13 or 14 years old and too young to know that he should probably be a little bit ashamed of really digging a band like Asia. But cynicism tends to evaporate in a crowd that loves the band so much that they're giving standing ovations after every song, and it really evaporates when the band --- in this case a bunch of aging prog-rockers moonlighting as teeny-bop stadium-rock idols --- put their hearts on their sleeves and stuff a football stadium's worth of rock concert into a tiny art-house theater.

Carl Palmer played like he'd been bitten by a radioactive Animal. Geoff Downes wore a shit-eating grin most of the night and threw up the horns in response to the crowd. John Wetton crooned like a torch singer (especially on "The Smile Has Left Your Eyes," "Don't Cry," which he performed accompanied only by piano and crowd). And Steve "Crypt Keeper" Howe slowly transitioned during the evening from technical and dispassionate elder statesman of prog guitar to fret-shredding stage-prancing rawk-god who'll probably need a hip replacement after a show like this, oh my god what am I doing?!?


I'm immensely glad I set aside my cynical fear of aging re-assembled rock bands and went to see this show. I wasn't sure if I'd see a faithful representation of one of my favorite guilty pleasures or if I'd see a band richly deserving the South Park treatment. But tonight...

<cartman>Tonight I learned, that sometimes it can be both. And that's OK! Because if Asia didn't kick so much ass that the entire planet would get that joke, and feel that joke, then the joke would never have been made. And if that's good enough for Asia, then I reckon it's good enough for me.</cartman>


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