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Ok, I know Facebook routinely jacks with privacy settings and obscures them from users in order to facilitate making marketing information available to advertisers. It's annoying, and people complain about this all the time.

And I know that a lot of people are upset over this thing that Mark Zuckerman said, in which he insulted people naive enough to trust him with their private information. "Dumb fucks" is what he called them.

Therefore there was a campaign! In response, Facebook did a thing


But I must have some kind of evil little robber-baron capitalist lurking deep in my bile-sac, because I just want to ask the world of Facebook users: Did you really expect to spend years and years getting something for nothing, you dumb fucks? Really?

And that goes double for any dumbfuck who plays Facebook games, uses the various apps, clicks through the warning about sharing all your Facebook info, and then complains about the lack of privacy, you dumb fucks.

If you want to keep something private, you don't tell people. It's simple. Especially you don't put it on the Internet.

But what about the dream of having a communications network that only includes people you trust and allows you to share only what you want to share with the people with whom you want to share it?

I could be wrong, but I think that's called owning your own web site.

And I think that's done it.  I'm now not just 40, but I'm over 40. I'm forty-something. I'm officially a cranky old curmudgeonly dumb fuck.

I don't know, but I think...I might like it.


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