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Men are much more likely to be assaulted in public than women are. I realise facts will have no impact whatsoever on your dogmatism but for what it's worth that is true. Look it up.

You're right. Well, half-right, because you missed an important detail. Going by the statistics compiled by the US Department of Justice, it's true that when you look at all categories of violent crime, from simple assault and robbery to homicide, men are more likely than women to be victims. (And perpetrators.)

However, in the categories of rape and sexual assault, women are much more likely to be victimized than men. From the 2009 criminal victimization report:

Gender of victim

Males were victims of violent crime at rates slightly higher than females, indicating a continuing convergence of male and female victimization.
Differences between male and female rates of simple assault were not statistically significant in 2009. This has occurred twice since 2000, in 2001 and 2007. Consistent with previous years, males experienced higher rates of robbery and aggravated assault than females. Females were more likely than males to be victims of rape or sexual assault.

So although you're technically correct about men being more likely to fall victim to violence in general, women are more (many times more, actually) likely than men to be victims of rape in particular. In the course of a lifetime the odds a woman will be raped become distressingly high, which is why I think it makes sense to include a certain amount of sensible fear of violence in the discomfort that Rebecca Watson says that she felt.

Now about my "phobia"... Yes, I did use the word "scared," but Watson used the phrase "incredibly uncomfortable," so let's go with that. Again, she's not talking about sharing an elevator with a guy in the normal course of things; she's talking about a guy approaching her in the middle of the night in a way that she's been explaining at length is unwelcome. We're talking about a guy ignoring her clearly stated wishes in order to pursue his own agenda. That's just rude. And in this particular context, a bit scary (my words) or incredibly uncomfortable (Watson's words).

Out of curiosity: do you think there are ever any circumstances in which it's inappropriate for one person to approach another to ask for sex, or even just to place a demand on their time?
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