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As is customary I did Flaneurs bus challenge I. (c) from the same stop as before with an unchanging n of 6.
In exciting news I managed to finally cross the river and in fact ended up at Tottenham Hale. I covered about 30 miles on buses on the hottest day of the year. The routemasters were hellish.

* Map
* Google Photos or Flick Photos depending on what you prefer. Includes lots of video.
* Twitter thread

I'm currently uploading the videos to youtube and may make a longer video of them.
Talking of which I often post videos of my bus journeys on my youtube channel

III. (d) in Kraków

Jun. 24th, 2017 11:34 am
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I arrived in Kraków on Monday afternoon and decided to do challenge III. (d), take the first left, then the second right, etc. I prefer to use the adaptation of take the first left, then take the first right, etc.

Write up and photos )
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The Guardian: Millions of mysterious 'sea pickles' swamp US west coast

“One of the things we are figuring out is have these guys been off the coast and we haven’t seen them? Are they moving inshore for a different reason?” said Sorensen.

YES AND I THINK WE KNOW WHAT THAT IS. Let me know when they reach Washington.

They're known as the "unicorn of the sea", apparently, so should clearly be claimed as a symbolic animal by you (glowing) asexual people out there.

yes I know it's not the same kind of asexual okay

ETA: Wikipedia just provided me with this beautiful quote:

"I have just watched the moon set in all her glory, and looked at those lesser moons, the beautiful Pyrosoma, shining like white-hot cylinders in the water" (T.H. Huxley, 1849).


Jun. 21st, 2017 08:18 pm
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The Guardian: Grenfell Tower families to be rehoused in flats at luxury complex

This doesn't cover all the displaced families. And the flats are part of the "affordable" quota developers are frequently required to build along with the luxury flats, with the usual segregation (not being allowed access to the swimming pool etc. -- in quite a few instances, developers have created buildings where the people in the "affordable" flats have a separate entrance to the building ...), so it's a lot less "luxury" than the headline implies.

And they're being bought by the Corporation of London (as opposed to paid for out of RBKC's £274 million reserves?).

Still, it's a start.

Oh, my heart (again)

Jun. 20th, 2017 05:28 pm
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Hundreds of Londoners showed up yesterday evening to hand roses to worshippers at the Finsbury Park mosque as they went in to pray:

So another morning in London happened

Jun. 19th, 2017 03:55 pm
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Finsbury Mosque attack.

The attacker was wrestled to the ground by three members of the public; the imam of the mosque protected him (the terrorist who had just attacked his mosque) from the angry crowd until the police got there. That, I believe, is how you religion.

Grenfell dead/missing-presumed-dead now up to 79.

One of the dead is Khadija Saye, a young photographer on the verge of her big breakthrough with her work about to be exhibited as part of a group show at the Venice Biennale.

Here's the series being exhibited: Dwelling: in this space we breathe. Because it's astonishing, and pointing people to her art seems like a way to try to give at least one person a voice and identity as more than just a unit, one of 79.

I repeat my link to the North Kensington Law Centre's Grenfell fundraiser. They're only going to get a tiny fraction of the donations going to the big funds, but any donations are likely to have a disproportionate impact (especially because I'm guessing the large funds can't/won't be used to pay for legal stuff).

RBKC have been officially relieved of responsibility for responding to the disaster because of being so fucking useless.

The chief Breitbart London editor (also former adviser to Nigel Farage) is spreading flat-out lies about Emma Dent-Coad MP in order to try to smear her and Labour as somehow responsible for the fire, despite the fact that all of his statements are provably false.

In Borough Market

Jun. 18th, 2017 10:18 pm
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-- which is normally not open on Sundays, but was today because they're trying to make up lost days and also presumably picking up business from the Bankside Great Get Together --

-- there is a stall called Greedy Goat selling goat's milk icecream and they had liquorice-and-blackcurrant icecream and it is the best thing known to humanity. Yes very hipster I DON'T CARE.

(The Great Get Together was charming {rather like a church fete on a nationwide scale, lacking only the Church of England and the tombolas}, and exactly what we need right now, Crossbones is extraordinary, and my brain is fried by the heat and I'm going to bed now.)


Jun. 18th, 2017 01:10 pm
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Brexit negotions start tomorrow even though we don't actually have a government, and those theoretically in charge are still pushing for leaving the customs union, ending freedom of movement, etc..

The Guardian: Big business leaders press Theresa May to rethink hard Brexit

David Davis, the Brexit secretary, says on Sunday that he would head into Monday’s Brexit talks aiming to “secure a deal that works for all parts of the United Kingdom”, but signalled that the plan was still to leave the customs union and reduce immigration.

So, still "contact your MP" time.

Grenfell: is still doubling all donations until match funds run out (and have also started releasing funds in emergency cash via the groups that have established themselves on the frontline, i.e. not via RBKC who are apparently continuing to fail to provide co-ordination, organization, or much of anything)

The Home Office are helping Mohammad Alhajali's family get to the UK, so no more need to sign that petition. looks very useful.

North Kensington Law Centre are providing legal education and support to residents affected by the fire: their donations page -- this would be a good thing to donate to as there may be issues with the general funds being used for legal support.

RBKC have £270 million in reserves. As far as I can see, that means they could afford to buy nice property in North Kensington at market prices to rehouse the survivors.

Small buses with letters

Jun. 17th, 2017 12:04 pm
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Every year I attempt 3a - and this year is no exception! (2014, 2015, 2015b, 2016)

III. (a)

Travel to or from your workplace one day using a completely different route to any you've ever used before.

I've been thinking about how to do this for several weeks when it came to me. The little bus from work ends in an estate in Battersea. The little bus that goes nearest home starts in an estate in Battersea. I'll get one bus, walk between the termini and get the other!

Ooh buses )

A lot of stuff is happening right now

Jun. 16th, 2017 09:43 pm
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Grenfell: is doubling all donations (until match funds run out)


Right now, lobbying government to ensure that all survivors and people displaced by the fire are rehoused within the borough seems to be a thing worth doing. As a borough resident, I am hassling my councillors.

Also hassling Alok Sharma, as he's issued a statement that all survivors will be rehoused within the "local area" but hasn't consulted with the council or given any indication that the government will help with funding for this (either directly or by lifting the benefit caps which make it so hard for people to find housing in the borough).

I will not be hassling my new MP as she's hit the ground running (and housing and planning are her thing to begin with), but a card of support may be in order.


It's a year today since MP Jo Cox was murdered by a white supremacist terrorist. This weekend is The Great Get Together, started by her family in her memory: neighbourhood celebrations all across the UK intended to bring communities and neighbours together. I'm hoping to go with a friend to the Bankside one on Sunday (they have a "quiet zone" in Crossbones).


Borough Market is open again, and full of Londoners aggressively Defying Terrorism by purchasing delicious foods.

*secret autism signal*

Jun. 16th, 2017 09:57 am
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Okay, so [personal profile] yhlee has been diagnosed with Asperger's a few months ago and is feeling a bit *flail* and unsure what to do about it (having not been given much in the way of resources beyond a book aimed at teens).

I know there's a metric fuckton of people on the autistic spectrum on DW, so I wanted to put out a call for people to raise your hands if you're on the spectrum and don't mind talking about it, talk about how finding out about being on the spectrum changed things for you (if it did) and the process of adjusting to a diagnosis, discuss coping strategies, rec books you've found useful, websites, bloggers you follow, people on other platforms, etc..

To get the party started: for me, I think the hugest thing has been having vocabulary and concepts for things I'd never had words for before, and just knowing they're things:

sensory overload (and overload in general)

tactile defensiveness and difficulty with proximity (a HUGE issue for me personally)

meltdowns (best analysis I've found of how these happen is in Ross Greene's The Explosive Child, otherwise known as the book my mother most wishes she'd had during my childhood)

executive function (and lack thereof)

difficulty with change (and usefulness of schedules, predictability)

(also just knowing that even if I was the one who chose to change something in the first place, my brain will default to DIFFERENT BAD WRONG at first and that this doesn't actually mean the thing is necessarily BAD WRONG, I just have to allow myself time to adapt before deciding on mature consideration whether it is in fact BAD WRONG) (here is [ profile] into-the-weeds making a social story for themselves: )

stims (stimmmmmmmms) and all the sensory integration toys (weighted blankets have been a gift to my life)

"special interests" (in my head I used to call them my "follies" pre-diagnosis)


Also, while I'm in "ONE OF US, ONE OF US" mode: also one of us is Micah Fletcher, the survivor of the three men stabbed in the Portland attack, the poet who made a video asking for people to re-focus on the girls who were the original targets rather than making a "white savior" narrative centred on the guys who stepped in to defend them. That guy. He's on the spectrum.

Grenfell Tower fire

Jun. 14th, 2017 09:37 pm
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The Evening Standard are administering an emergency appeal (there are various others on crowdfunding sites, but I don't know which are verified):

The Guardian "what we know so far"
The Guardian liveblog

Currently the council are saying to hold off on further physical donations at the moment as all the various sports and community centres and churches acting as resources have been swamped by more than they can handle. However, anyone who wants to volunteer to help with the support effort should please contact them on 020 7361 3008 (RBKC info page) ETA: it's been changed to .

[ profile] westwaysports (who have turned themselves into a giant emergency overnight shelter) say no more physical donations unless they ask for specific things, and that they're also currently well-supplied with volunteers.

(I don't think I can use the "poisoned trash fire" etc. tag on this one. Particularly not if it was the fucking cladding. FUCK.)

Turning off comments because this is my local area and I can't quite deal with responses on this one.

In other news, here's a petition asking for Brexit negotiations to be conducted by a multi-party committee:

Wednesday 14th June

Jun. 14th, 2017 05:53 pm
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I haven't yet done steps or stretches, but I have done physio strength exercises, go me!

How are you all doing?
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The Vice-President has to resign before you fire the special prosecutor counsel. Everybody knows that. There's no point doing a re-enactment if you're not going to take the details seriously.

(The article points out that Trump vents and threatens a lot of shit that he doesn't actually do. Which is good, because if he did fire Mueller you guys would have a constitutional crisis on your hands now, and ... get ready in case, I guess?)

A thing I am enjoying greatly of late

Jun. 13th, 2017 10:46 am
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One From The Vaults, Morgan M. Page's podcast about trans history (link goes to Soundcloud, but it's also available on iTunes and all the standard podcast sources).

[personal profile] vass hooked me by quoting from the intro to each ep: "I love history because it's my favourite kind of gossip. Scandalous, sensational, and most importantly of all, not about me," and since then I've been mainlining it.

For me it hits something of the same spot as You Must Remember This (the use of music isn't as slick, but it's early days) -- Page has something of the same arch, confiding tone as Longworth, and the same ability to balance seamlessly between the gossipy and the deeply serious, to use glamour and scandal as vehicles to look at underlying social issues. Also, fascinating stories about fascinating people.

It seems well-researched, and I appreciate how much she cites her sources and notes when there are contradictory accounts or vagueness about the historical facts. She's very thoughtful about the ways in which people's sense of their own identities may or may not fit neatly into our current categories.

But basically, really good stories, recommended to anyone who has an interest in trans/genderqueer issues and/or gender issues in general and/or feminist history and/or history in general and/or really interesting stories told really well.

Note: given that trans people have been subjected to such spectacularly awful treatment through history, it should not be a surprise that some of the episodes involve mention of rape, child sexual abuse, violence, and murder. However, it's never been graphic and I've never felt blind-sided by it (YMMV).

Feministing: The Feministing Five: Morgan M Page -- interesting interview with Page about her goals and why she chose the particular style of the podcast

The OFTV Patreon

Monday 12 June

Jun. 12th, 2017 05:35 pm
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I did everything except steps today, go me! How are you doing?


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